Arrangements have been finalized for Ugandan medical professionals to get employment in Libya, in the move to enhance the fight against unemployment in the country. Under the arrangement, a total of 300 doctors are needed, 600 nurses and 600 laboratory technicians are required. Mr Gordon Mugyenyi, the managing director of Middle East Consultants, a local recruitment agency, said the professionals are required to submit their Curriculum Vitae and academic documents to prepare for interviews which will be conducted tomorrow and Friday. “This is the first time to recruit professionals since we started this business of external recruitment. And we are expecting more to come,” said Mr Mugyenyi while addressing journalists in Kampala on Monday. He said that the successful candidates will qualify for free return air tickets upon completing a two-year contract with the employing institution as well as other necessities. Currently, Uganda earns more than $1.1 billion annually from migrant workers from the different parts of the world. Gender, Labour and Social Development minister Janat Mukwaya described the move as welcome and asked qualifying candidates to take up the opportunity. “I am happy that the jobs are found. It is upon the fitting people to take them up and as government we shall play our role because this is development in the country,” she said in a separate interview. According to the Uganda Association for External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA), about 75,000 Ugandans have secured employment abroad over the last nine years in various sectors. “Migration abroad for work can be an empowering experience for Ugandans and benefits can be an engine for social and economic growth in the country,” said Mr Andrew Tumwine Kameraho, the UAERA chairperson.

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