At the UNAIDS’ 42nd Program Coordinating Board meeting, which took
place in Geneva, Switzerland from June 26 to 28, Board members has
expressed their support for UNAIDS and underscored the critical role
that the organization has to play in ending the AIDS epidemic.
The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, in his opening
remark welcomed the Board’s support and reiterated the importance of
focusing on the challenges and opportunities ahead in reaching the
2020 Fast-Track commitments agreed by the United Nations General
Assembly. Sidibe said: “The 37 million people who are living with HIV
today, along with the 1.8 million who will acquire HIV over the course
of this year, are counting on us. AIDS is not over but it can be and
at UNAIDS we are fully committed to ending the AIDS epidemic.”
The Board however requested UNAIDS to continue to strengthen joint
and collaborative action at the country level as part of United
Nations reform efforts. Members also requested UNAIDS to continue to
strengthen performance reporting aligned to national targets, with a
focus on impact, results and the identification of areas which are
off-track and bottlenecks, with actions to address those issues. The
Board also encouraged donor governments to make multiyear
contributions and release their contributions towards the 2016–2021
Unified Budget, Results and Accountability Framework as soon as
possible to fully fund the 2018–2019 UNAIDS budget of $484 million.
During the meeting, an important funding announcement to UNAIDS was
made by Australia, which confirmed it was pledging nearly $1 million
in additional funds for HIV prevention in the Asia-Pacific region.

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