Underage pregnancies are bad anywhere, anytime-Report

Underage pregnancies are bad anywhere, anytime-Report
According to a report released by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), it is indisputable that Africa has the world’s highest rates of adolescent pregnancy, a factor that affects the health, education, and earning potential of millions of African girls, Although Tanzania’s record is not shockingly high at the continental level it is a headache on the home front. Niger tops the list with 51 percent of women between 20 and 24 reporting a birth before the age of 18.
The report, “Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of adolescent pregnancy also revealed that of 20 countries with the highest rates of adolescent pregnancy, 18 are African, the report, When a girl becomes pregnant or has a child, her health, education, earning potential and her entire future may be in jeopardy, trapping her in a lifetime of poverty, exclusion and powerlessness, the report says.”Adolescent pregnancy is intertwined with issues of human rights.
According to a UNFPA report, there are 580 million adolescent girls in the world. Four out of five of them live in developing countries including Tanzania.
Investing in them today will unleash their full potential to shape humanity’s future. The distorted transitioning of girls into womanhood as a result of early pregnancy ought to be seen as a significant economic loss.
Of particular concern to the government is the large number of pregnancy complications amongst young girls whose bodies are not yet ready to bear children. According to a report by the Women’s Dignity Project, obstetric fistulas are common complications. Women who have the fistula are often the young girls who are married early, before 15 for example, who are too poor to attend health services and try to deliver at home.

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