UNICEF moves to reduce birth certificate burden in Tanzania.
UNICEF and the government will on Thursday roll out a new birth registration process.
The Under-five Birth Registration Initiative (U5BRI) aims to address challenges around birth registration across the country.  UNICEF country representative Maniza Zaman has said that U5BRI would make it easier for especially mothers to get birth certificates for their newborns.

“Under the new initiative, health facilities and ward executive offices will become registration points, bringing the process closer to the people. Legal and Constitutional Affairs minister, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, is scheduled to launch the initiative in Iringa. Birth registration in urban areas is five times higher than in rural areas. This is mainly due to bureaucracy that hinders many from pursuing the important documents. Ms Zaman said birth registration is currently in three processes in Tanzania Mainland. These are notification, registration, and certification. According to UNICEF, the initiative will cut the travel distance from 100km to 5km. The registration points for Iringa and Njombe regions where the process is kicking off will rise from the current 11 to 700. The programme follows a successful pilot study conducted for two years in Mwanza and Mbeya.

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