The Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan has disclosed that the UCH has established a clinic where multi-vitamins and minerals will be used to boost the health of patients having terminal and chronic diseases. Alonge has said that UCH was a pioneer hospital to start such a clinic in West Africa, adding that “it will run the clinic in partnership with ActivLife Infusion Clinic, based in the UK.” He said the clinic would primarily use vitamins and mineral infusions on patients whose body immune systems had collapsed or was weak. According to him, patients suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer, stroke and geriatric will benefit most from the services of the clinic. “The clinic will be run by a Nutrition Support Team made up of a doctor and two nurses trained in nutrition medicine and a laboratory has been created for micro-nutrients supply generally. The Chief Executive Officer of ActivLife Infusion Clinic in Nigeria, Bunmi Talabi-Adeyemi, has said that the establishment of the clinic was the first attempt to spread the activities of the company to South west zone. Adeyemi has said that a lot of research findings had proved that the infusion of vitamin minerals into the body could boost immune systems of patients whose immune systems had collapsed. She explained that in chronic illnesses, the intestines are often inflamed and thereby failing to absorb important vitamins and minerals efficiently. “This often leads to low levels of nutrients in the tissues even when dietary supplements and nutritional diets should be providing optimal nutrients.

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