Researchers have estimated that with investment of about one billion dollars, radiotherapy could be made to all who need it by 2035; it is one form of treatment for cancer. As of today the global coverage is about 40 to 60 percent; in some African countries it is non-existent or available to one in every ten according to the report.
Even in developed countries like Canada the United Kingdom and Australia not everyone who needs it can get it, so says the study.
The study which was presented at the2015 European Cancer Congress in Vienna, Austria and published in Lancet oncology calls for further investment in radiotherapy to meet the present and growing needs.
According to WHO, cancer is the greatest killer in the world with 12 million new cases in 2012 and 8.4 million deaths; the number of new cases is likely to rise to 22 million by 2032, that is about 20 years from now.

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