Vagina Infection Can Be Prevented By Careful Hygiene – Expert

Dr Celsus Undie, a urologist with Kelina Hospital, Abuja, on Monday said that infection in the vagina and urethra could be prevented by careful hygiene.

Undie told the Newsmen in Abuja that vaginal infection was the infection in the reproductive tract of women.

He said that the inflammation of the vagina was a broader term just like urethritis and could be caused by infection or some other causes.

“Real infection is often caused by sexual exposure. Occasionally, it is caused by fungi, commonest of which is candida albicans. Candidiasis is a very common infection in women.

“It causes itching and a creamy vaginal discharge. There is extreme discomfort when the vaginal wall gets inflamed, swollen and red.

“Candida albicans tends to grow on moist surfaces between the toes in men and in the cavity of the mouth in those who are immuno-compromised,’’ he said.

He said the disease also grew in the vagina of healthy women who had not been sexually exposed.

He said fungal spores lived everywhere in the environment, adding that it was not correct to call it toilet infection.

“Vaginal infection is associated with urinary symptoms. If the infection has extended into the urethra, there may be no associated urinary symptoms whatsoever.

“The vagina and the urethra are close together and it is possible for infection in one part to extend to the other.

“Otherwise infection in one is not exactly the same as infection in the other.

“Infection in the urethra and vagina can be prevented by careful hygiene.

“People should wash their hands with soap each time they use the bathroom. Women should wipe themselves from forward back to avoid contaminating the urethral opening or even the vagina.’’

Undie said that it was a good practice to wash and advised that one should be careful with deep washing with strong soaps.

He said the use of condoms during sexual intercourse, especially in these days of HIV, could not be overemphasised.

Undie said abstinence or faithfulness to one’s partner was the best preventive measure for infection in the reproductive tract.

Source: (NAN)

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