Volkswagen challenged for cheating on car emission

The German carmaker’s shares fell to a new three-year low in early trade, extending Monday’s 19 percent plunge after  it admitted to using software that deceived U.S  regulators measuring toxic emissions.  Volkswagen, which for several years has been airing U.S. TV commercials lauding its clean diesel cars, was challenged by authorities as far back as 2014 over tests showing emissions exceeded California State and U.S. federal limits.
It was not until the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board threatened to withhold the certification for the automaker’s 2016 diesel models that Volkswagen in early September revised its explanation. Volkswagen attributed the excess emissions to various technical issues and unexpected real world conditions.
The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Monday it would widen its investigation to other automakers.
Media reports said the U.S Department of Justice has also started a criminal probe into the allegations against Volkswagen, which cover VW and Audi-branded diesel models including the Audi A3, VW Jetta, Beetle, Golf and Passat.

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