Wellington Clinics launches neuro-navigation system for brain ailments
The Wellington Clinics Abuja has launched a neuro-navigation system that would assist surgeons and patients with brain related illnesses in the country. A neurologist, Douglas Emeka Okor, said with neuro-navigation systems now in Nigeria, surgeons would be able to visualise the anatomy of a patient’s brain during surgery and precisely track the location of their surgical instruments in relation to the anatomy. He said: “Surgeons can navigate more precisely, perform less-invasive procedures and help improve clinical outcomes. It is no longer acceptable to make any without some sort of navigation.” Dr Charles Ugwuanyi, a neurologist at the National Hospital Abuja, said that with acquisition of the machine, preventable deaths and complications, arising from brain surgeries, would be reduced to the barest minimum, since the navigation machine can detect the exact spot where the problem is



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