If you’ve only been talking or messaging your date and haven’t seen what he/she is like in person at all then you ought to be conscious of how you will come across on your first date with them. So the first important thing is to dress right for the first meeting.

Chiara Atik, a dating expert and author of ‘Modern Dating: A Field Guide,’ feels that looks matter the most during the first date.

‘We asked men what are the things they first notice about women. One thing they brought up often was clothing. Indeed, it does say a lot about who you are. The date uses clothing to determine if he might like you and if you might get along,’femalefirst.co.uk quoted Atik as saying.

Colour it right 

Different colours can be symbolic of aspects of your personality so choose one that describes you best. Here are the colours with their significance:

Bold red: Red comes across as a bold and exciting colour. It is also most likely to convey that you are up for some steamy sex that night.   Men believe that you are more likely to agree to sex wearing this colour.

All blues: You are calm and encouraging and a creative thinker. Blues are associated with summer skies and clear oceans – holidays and days off come to mind when seeing this colour.

Serious grey: Grey is a colour of authority and focus. This is often the reason why businesswomen may choose the colour because it gives the, ‘don’t mess with me!’ message out and loud.

Sunny yellow: This colour speaks of  being extremely gentle, friendly and approachable. Think bunches of flowers and sunshine- it brings out the happy, carefree side in you and your date.

Simply white: This one has a bridal, virginal innocence tone to it. Men may think you are least likely to agree to sex in this colour. So if you are a third date kind of gal then this is the perfect colour to convey the message- ‘not tonight mister’!

Other grooming essentials for her 

Be cautious of your choice of clothes

Yes, it’s a date and you should look attractive but without crossing the line. Be a little cautious during your first few dates; don’t turn up in dresses too tight or bold. Dont try to fit into something tightfitting if it’s going to leave you squirming in discomfort. Instead, wear clothes that flatter your figure but are comfortable.

Avoid too much make-up

Don’t overdo the make-up. Over done make-up will always look artificial and it can even turn embarassing, especially if you happen to be out in the rain and it washes off. Save yourself the embarrassment before it’s too late. Know how to work with minimalistic make-up or stick to highlighting one of your facial features (the eyes or lips). More on sheer make-up here.

Know your foot wear

As much as heels add poise to your body language they can work against you as well. If you are not comfortable carrying off those high heels, skip them. Opt for a comfortable, yet snazzy pair of shoes/flats. This said, clean shoes will earn you brownie points. Read here to know more on how you can look best on your first date.


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