Obasanjo on Saturday, 10th March, 2018 while laying wreath at the graveyard of the 73 victims of herdsmen attack in Markurdi, Benue State, North central Nigeria said the continued crisis requires collaboration between leaders and that until the issue is addressed from the “root”, more persons will be buried.

He said, “there is no doubt that we haven’t got it right. We haven’t got it right because whatever is behind this, normally in any civilized society we must get to the root of it. And until we get to the root of this we will be burying victims. We will be assuming what is not assumable, because we must know why this is happening and who we must put to end”.

He further said “we can’t talk of a free country, a secured country, a country where we will want development to take place where we will want to invite investors from outside and from inside and we are suffering this type of senselessness”.

Obasanjo said he was shocked to hear that after the mas burial of 73 persons, 83 more persons were reportedly killed in Benue State.

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