old-black-womanLife expectancy for women under the age 50years has increased today in the world, according to a report from World Health Organization, most poor and middle income countries could easily make gain.

According to Director of WHO’S department of aging; Dr. John Beard said that most of this woman are at risk of those diseases  Heart disease stroke and cancer and most countries should focus more on lowering  blood pressure with inexpensive drug and screening for cervical  and breast cancer, this was published in the bulletin of the World Health Organization.

Dr. John Beard said that getting women to avoid smoking, excessive drinking and being obese is very important.

Japanese women live the longest on average. But woman in most countries now live longer than they did 40 years ago, thanks to progress against infectious diseases like flu, tuberculosis and pneumonia and some countries have improved less than other: South African has an AIDS epidemic, Russian women suffered when the Soviet health system collapsed and growing prosperity in Mexico has led to more lung cancer and related diabetes.


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