The world is the verge of incurable infections, a recent study has revealed. The germs have developed resistance to the last line of antibiotics. That means that if one is affected by any of those very resistant germs, there will be no antibiotics for them. The frightening thing is that the resistance against is spreading to “light” weight germs such as E. Coli.


Reasons for this situation can be found in the way doctors have been prescribing antibiotics for infections which did not require them or the patients under-utilised the prescribed drugs.  


Another reason adduced is that the same antibiotics were being used for animals and man, with the germs developing resistance more easily when used in animals. For this reasons, human doctors and veterinary doctors are meeting in China this week to discuss the situation.  

The report in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal was published by the study team based in the University of Cardiff, United Kingdom.



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