World Mental Health Day: Foundation Creates Awareness on Mental Health
As part of activities to celebrate the 2016 World Mental Health Day in Mpape, a sprawling slum in Abuja on Monday,

The Gede Foundation has urged residents of Abuja to give more attention to mental health, lamenting that the area has been neglected over the years, and there is also the need to address the stigma associated with mental illness. The programme coordinator of the foundation, Kizito Ebhohimen, who said the area of mental health is as important as other health conditions, said people should stop relating mental issues with madness. He urged them to see it more as a psychological issue that comes as a result of different problems facing people, and the foundation helps people to have a balanced mind, adding that as important as the driver is to a vehicle, so is the mind to the body, saying that : “People need to take care of their mental health so that they can live well. People need to deal with stress and depression so that they can have a balanced mind. “Mental ailment is an ailment that is not so common so we needed a community that is quiet large where we can identify people that can access services. “A lot of people have metal health challenges due to the situation around them and they need to be identified and catered for. When you see people like that always refer them to health providers because it can be anybody.” Ebhohimen also said they have been able to enroll 99 people who “are the mentally ill people cutting across different mental health issues including epileptics. The users are those that have one level of mental ailment or the other but we refer to them as users in order not to stigmatize.

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