Coimbatore: There seems to be no respite for Nestle! After the Maggi scare and NanPro 3 milk powder controversy, now live worms have been found in a packet of Nestle Cerelac baby food in Coimbatore.

S Sriram, an IT professional, bought a packet of Nestle Cerelac in a medical shop in Selvapuram, Coimbatore last Sunday for his one-year-old son.

When his wife Preeti opened the packet on Monday, she found lot of live worms inside the sealed packet.

Sriram then filed a complaint with the food safety department on Tuesdaymorning, and the milk powder was sent to the government food laboratory for testing.

Officials said the worms might have multiplied after packaging. “The worms look like weevils, which commonly infest wheat,” said a food safety officer.

“These worms have a way of penetrating into the wheat grain and laying an egg inside it and leaving. When the wheat is crushed, the eggs hatch,” he said.

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