Xmas: Lets intensify The War On Ebola

With the Christmass only few weeks away, there is clearly no discernible anti-Ebola strategy to check a possible resurgence of the deadly disease from re-afflicting Nigeria. Most Nigerians have understandably raised the alarm that there are no visible evidences by the ministries of health and interior to wade off possible re-emergence of the Ebola virus an ailment which was first brought in by a foreigner from Liberia who actually escaped detection by officials of the Nigerian Immigration Services at the International Airport in Lagos.

President Jonathan and the ministries of health at both the federal and state levels in Lagos, Rivers, Anambra and Enugu played strategic roles which culminated in the defeat of this seemingly deadly and yet incurable disease. Sadly, basking in the euphoria of defeating the disease, the then minister of Health Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu capitalised on his sudden opportunistic popularity to dabble into the political arena in his home state of Ebonyi where he was made the consensus candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party. Whilst he is busy swimming the foggy waters of divisive partisan politics in his home state, there is clear evidence that ensuring that Nigeria remains Ebola-free is not the top priority of the new man manning that ministry in Abuja.

The supervising minister of Health is not known to be in the highest motivational level to keep the tempo of national momentum against any possible resurgence of the Ebola disease. Apart from the fact that the supervising minister (Health) is not a well known health technocrat, even though he is a medical doctor, he is also a rookie in administration haven just been appointed as junior minister from Sokoto State few weeks before the virous visited our shores. Like the way our public office holders always behave whenever anything is said to have been brought under control, it will be business- as- usual and there will be no back up national strategy to stop a return to the days of fear and national apprehension which the introduction of the Ebola virus represented in Nigeria until it was checkmated.

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