Your sex drive and your performance are to a large extent determined by the type of food you eat.

Some foods increase blood supply to different parts of the body including the s*x organs; such foods will improve erection in men; these foods include watermelon which contains phytochemical that relax blood vessels; nuts also belong to this group, also other fruits and vegetables that unclog the blood vessels. Broccoli, chocolate (cocoa) and coffee also belong to this group.


On the other hand, some foods enhance the production of s*x hormone such as testosterone which is said to increase s*x drive,  that is, the urge to have sex. Banana and the white part of egg belong to this group


Some other foods increase energy and reduce stress both translating to better performance in the bed room; these include banana which is rich in tryptophan (a mood enhancer), magnesium and manganese (both of which help the prostrate which produces the liquid that carries the sperm cells).

The study was partly carried out by a team based in Texas, USA.


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