Zambia: Typhoid outbreak in Lusaka linked to water crisis- say Residents

Residents in Lusaka’s Kalingalinga are up in arms with the Ministry of Health following the outbreak of typhoid in compound. A water crisis in the area has contributed to the outbreak. The residents have appealed to government to facilitate uninterrupted supply of water to the area. The Ministry of Health has urged residents to keep their environment clean and assured that the water problem will soon be tackled by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. in Mtendere, workers engaged to dig drainage have downed tools after the contractor failed to pay them for two months. The Millennium Project said the contractor had duly been paid and should not shift blame. In Chibombo a surprise visit to rural health post caught workers off guard. Government officials have condemned the laissez-faire attitude of civil servants toward work. Central Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kabwe was upset to find one clinic closed while clinical staff was reporting for work late at other locations. The PS has decided to transfer the supervisor of one of the new health post for failing to manage his staff in a bid to fight the poor working culture.

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