Our reporter Phyllis Mbanje has extensively written about breast cancer, the second highest killer in Zimbabwe, accounting for over 10% of all cancers.

A couple of weeks ago she was challenged during a cancer discussion at the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ) and decided to conquer that fear of getting tested. Below she explains how she underwent an examination that is dreaded by many women:

I had never done that before despite having written extensively about it. I had even chronicled true life experiences of breast cancer patients but not once did I feel the slightest inclination to take that first step to get a physical breast examination by a professional. As soon as I made my decision I quickly made a booking for testing at CAZ. It’s a free service. The kindly lady at the reception took down my details and told me to come the next day which was a Tuesday at 10am.

That night I had all sorts of weird dreams, the kind that make you wake up feeling like you were digging trenches the whole night. It dawned on me the morning of the test that what I was about to do would be the tentative step in knowing if my twin peaks that had always defined me as a woman and had suckled two babies were harbouring my worst nightmare

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