ZMapp not Available in Large Quantity -US

Before the statement was made available to journalists, Chukwu and the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle, met in Abuja over the efforts   to contain the virus.
Entwistle told journalists after the meeting that   ZMapp, a US manufactured drug for Ebola treatment   was not available in large quantity. He howver commended the Federal Government for its efforts to contain the spread of the disease but advised against   placing too much emphasis on the procurement of experimental drugs for the virus.
Nigerians, according to him, should support all directives by government on personal hygiene and minimise physical contact with sick people. The ambassador assured that Washington would continue to cooperate with Nigeria to contain the spread of the disease. He said, “On the issue of experimental drugs, we’ll see down the road what is possible. But there are not huge quantities now. And we think the focus now needs to be on exactly what you (Nigerians) are doing, the isolation ward and screening. It is especially important that now your government is doing a very good job on contact tracing.
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