How to Quit Smoking

Smokers whether active or passive are prone to several disease conditions. Smokers die about 10 years earlier than never-smokers, they have twice the risk of heart disease, 10 times the risk of lung cancer, several times the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, oesophagus, pancreas, cervix, kidney and bladder.

The following health problems also occur more in smokers:-stroke, peptic ulcers, fractures and cataract.

Several smokers try to quit each year but it is not easy to beat the addiction. Below are some ways you can use to beat the problem.

1. Be educated on the health effects of smoking

Get as much information as you can get on the effects of smoking on you, the smoker and members of your family.

Learn about the constituents of the smoke, effect on the children and on your spouse who do not smoke. Note that they suffer the same health fate.

Think of the bad breathe your spouse has had to put up with and the bad influence on your children.

2. Establish a quit plan

Deciding to quit will not be easy but the first step is deciding to quit and giving a time limit of two weeks.

You must appeal to all close to you (family members, co-workers, friends ) to give you the maximum support.

 All cigarettes must be removed from the house including ash trays.

All previous attempts to quit that failed should be examined to find reasons for the failure.

Ensure total abstinence from the quit date, not a single puff.

3. Decision to quit must be inclusive

Decision to quit must involve any other person who smokes in the house otherwise it may more difficult for you to succeed. If your spouse smokes, he or she has to quit as well otherwise you may not succeed.

4. Limit smoking areas.

A way of quitting smoking is by limiting the areas where you can smoke, for example you should decide not to smoke in your home and in the car. These are two places where you spend a lot of time during the day. If you can do this, you are half way through.

If you remember that smoking is not allowed in public places in Nigeria then the places you can smoke become quite limited.

5. Also quit alcohol intake.

Most smokers also take alcohol, to quit successfully, endeavour at the same time to stop or reduce alcohol drastically.

6. Nicotine replacement.

Addiction to smoking is caused by nicotine. You can replace smoking with nicotine gum for a short period. By this, you are able to avoid the other constituents of smoke.

7. Be Resolute

Discipline is essential for you to succeed. Be firm and resolute. There will be initial challenges but once you are determined, you shall overcome them. You may add some weight initially when you quit, cut down on your carbohydrate intake. NEVER GO BACK.

Do away with any friend who tries to take you back.

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