Health Benefits of Beans

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Beans originated in South America from where they were taken to North America and Europe and thence to the rest of the world. There are about 40,000 varieties of of beans in the world but only a few are mass consumed. The common varieties include black beans, green beans, white beans, kidney beans, butter beans, pinto beans, mung beans and soya beans. They all have certain things in common; they are rich in protein, have the same value of carbohydrates including fibres, low in fat but has no cholesterol. Beans are rich in potassium, but poor in vitamins, have only a little amount of Naicin ( a type of vitamin B) The health benefits of beans are due to protein, low glycaemic carbohydrates, fibres and potassium 1. Important for body building Protein is an organic compound containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. The smallest unit of protein is AMINO ACID; when we eat protein it is broken down by our body during digestion to amino acids. The origin of amino... ...

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See how you can reduce your risk of getting sick.

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Diseases which affect human are divided into two groups; communicable and non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer are encouraged by poor lifestyle while communicable diseases such cholera, typhoid, Ebola etc are promoted by poor environment, poor sanitation, lack of good water and poor personal hygiene. Consequently, communicable diseases are more common in poor countries of the world while the non-communicable diseases are commoner in the rich countries. ...

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Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is a disease of the spaces within the bones of the face. All these spaces, four in number in each side of the face are connected to the nose and do produce some fluids. When the openings to the nose are blocked due to running nostrils or something else, infection of any or all of them could follow. The four spaces are maxillary sinus, ethmoid sinus, frontal sinus and sphenoid sinus. The maxillary sinus is the one mostly affected. This infection is different from allergies affecting the nostrils or viral infection of the nostrils. Sinusitis is a bacterial or fungal infection. Sinusitis could be acute-lasting less than four weeks, sub-acute—lasting between four and twelve weeks or chronic when it last beyond twelve weeks. Viral rhinitis does not last more than ten days. 1. What Causes Sinusitis? Sinusitis is caused by several types of bacteria depending on the location of the person affected. It could also be due to fungi. 2. How Does Sinusitis Spread? The infection of... ...

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1. Check purchased items properly to guard against cockroaches Department stores, groceries, shops and markets harbour a lot of cockroaches; therefore you must thoroughly check all purchased items for cockroaches before storage. 2. Constipation can be prevented. Eating fibre-rich food can help to prevent constipation. The fibre-rich foods include cereals, whole grain bread, fruits, vegetables, beans and fibre-rich carbohydrates. Fibre-rich foods increase the bulk of faeces. Drinking plenty of water regularly also helps to prevent constipation-as water in the intestines increases the bulk of faeces and also softens it. Use of the toilet every morning whether the urge is there or not helps to train the body to want to use the toilet every morning. This habit helps to prevent constipation. It is said that eating nuts stimulates bowel movement and this prevents constipation. 3. Breasts have several shapes   One of the most important assets of a woman is her breast, it enhances her attractiveness and readily noticeable besides the face. Consequently women worry about the size and shape of... ...

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Shapes of breast (PHOTOS)

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One of the most important assets of a woman is her breast, it enhances her attractiveness and readily noticeable besides the face. Consequently women worry about the size and shape of the breast, whether it is still perpendicular to the body or not. Men are attracted to different sizes of breast, some men like big breasts, others; medium size or even small breast. A host of men are however indifferent. However; a lot of women are fixated on the attractiveness of their breasts and hence a lot them can go to any length to show off their bare breasts even in public to attract the opposite sex. Today we shall discuss the different shapes of breasts: 1. Erect breast Erect breasts are firm with perpendicular nipples. These breasts are found in teenagers who have not given birth; usually of small to average size. Age, weight and child bearing can lead to sagging breasts but appropriate exercises can reverse the situation to some extent. 2. Swooping breast This is medium sized... ...

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How to protect your house against cockroaches

Apr 13, 2018 0

A cockroach is a brown –winged insect found in many homes and their environs, there are about 4000 species of cockroaches although only a few are most common. They thrive in warm places where there is plenty of food and water; they are found in kitchens, gutters walls, sewage pipes, food stores, water pipe holes and they feed on food, decaying foods, feaces, rubbish and even dead roaches. They are seen in several homes (where cleanliness is not commendable) crawling everywhere from the toilets to kitchen, kitchen counters, and food stores. Cockroaches have health effects on man for two main reasons: a substance called allergen contained in their excreta, saliva and body skin and also because of the germs carried by cockroaches on their hairy legs. Owing to the allergens mentioned above, cockroaches trigger allergies in man, this is shown by increased asthmatic attacks in asthmatics, skin rash, running nostrils and breathing problems. The germs (bacteria and viruses) cockroaches carry can contaminate food which can lead to typhoid fever, food... ...

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1. Constipation exists if bowel movements are difficult/infrequent. Constipation, a condition characterized by infrequent and difficult bowel movements is common in older adults and the elderly. The large intestines becomes sluggish with as we age, thus allowing more time for faecal material (stool) to move through; this increases absorption of fluid from the faeces and it becomes dry and hard. ...

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Health Benefits of Irish (white) potatoes

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Irish potato is a starch tuberous plant whose origin is traced to Southern Peru in South America. From there it was taken several centuries by explorers like Christopher Columbus and his gang to Europe. From Europe it was taken to North America and Asia by immigrants/travellers. Today Irish potato is eaten all the world, the five biggest producers of Irish potato are China, India, Russia, Ukraine and United States of America;  in terms of consumption as source of energy, potato comes behind only rice, wheat and maize. It has about 17percent of carbohydrate comprising starch and fibres; more importantly it has only 77Kcals of energy in every 100gram weight, it is therefore difficult to obtain excess energy even if you consumed 1000grams of sweet potatoes in one day. ...

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