Sexually transmitted infection HPV raises reinjection risk in men- study

Dec 6, 2017 0

A study says that men infected with a particular type of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) may be at twenty times more risk of reinfection with the same type. The findings show that men who are infected once with HPV16, the type responsible for most HPV-related cancers, are at 20 times higher risk of reinfection after one year, and 14 times higher after two years.  HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection and it is a major cause of genital warts and cancers of the genitals, mouth and throat.  The same effect was observed in both men who are sexually active and celibate, suggesting that they are not reacquiring the virus from another sexual partner. ...

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Nigeria:  Tight Jeans, Laptop on the laps Decrease Male Fertility – Expert

Nov 7, 2017 0

With the high prevalence of infertility amongst couples in the country, a fertility expert, Dr Arati Sohoni, has warned men against wearing tight jeans, under garments as well as working continuously with laptops on their laps. She said such habits cause a rise in temperature and harm sperm production and count in men. “You know the testes are placed in the scrotum, and not inside our body because they are at low body temperature. So if you wear tight jeans and other tight wears, then the temperature tends to rise and that can harm the sperm, and sperm production as well,” said Dr Sohoni at the fifth anniversary celebration of the Abuja branch of the Nordica Fertility Centre in Abuja. ...

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Males with bent genitals possess higher risk of cancer-study 

Nov 3, 2017 0

A new study says that men who have bent penises possess a higher risk of many forms of cancers. The condition is called as Peyronie’s Disease and affects men after 40. It is caused by scar tissue, called plaque that forms inside the penis and makes it to bend upward or to the side. Researchers say that a gene that is behind the bent penises could have links to cancer. As per a leading Hyderabad daily, scientists in Houston, Texas, studied more than 48,000 men with the condition and a million with erectile dysfunction. They claim that those with a bent penis were ten percent more likely to develop a tumour. The research further revealed that 42 percent were more likely to get stomach cancer, almost 20 percent more prone to skin cancer and 39 percent more likely to get testicular cancer. They were also 43 percent more likely to get stomach cancer, almost 20 percent more prone to skin cancer and 39 percent more likely to get testicular cancer.... ...

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 Pre-sex HIV drug ‘no-brainer’ for NHS

Oct 18, 2017 0

A drug to dramatically cut the risk of HIV infection during sex would save the UK around £1bn over the next 80 years, say scientists.  The team at University College London says Prep, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a “no-brainer” for the NHS. The study predicts that giving Prep to men who have sex with men would prevent one in four HIV cases. ...

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Malnutrition, alcoholism behind rise of TB in South India

Aug 24, 2017 0

Malnutrition and alcoholism are the key drivers of tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in southern India, a research based on Puducherry and Tamil Nadu has revealed. An estimated 10.6 million cases of TB occur annually in the world, and India accounts for 27 per cent.  ...

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Colonial Homosexuality Laws in Malawi Distract Fight against HIV and Aids

Aug 22, 2017 0

Rising cases of sexually transmitted infections in prisons have re-ignited the question of whether Malawi should allow condoms use in penal institutions. Personal accounts of inmates who have released from prisons and several research findings are unanimous on the fact that homosexuality is rampant among inmates and consequently responsible for the widespread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). A recent screening exercise conducted by the Malawi Prison Services at Chichiri Prison in the commercial city of Blantyre revealed that out of 1880 inmates tested for syphilis, 46 were diagnosed positive. The exercise also revealed that out of the 1,344 inmates screened for HIV, about 100 were diagnosed positive and 62 of them were newly infected. ...

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Spending more time at gym can make men infertile- Expert

Aug 18, 2017 0

According to IVF experts, excess workout and steroids consumption can lead to infertility in men. Long-term exhaustive exercises decreases sperm count and one`s potential for reproduction, said IVF experts. Another factor contributing to infertility was the consumption of steroids for body building which was causing zoospermia – a condition in which sperm does not generate in semen. ...

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 Testosterone replacement therapy may help improve urinary, sexual functions: Study

Aug 17, 2017 0

A new study has revealed that long-term testosterone replacement therapy may help improve both sexual and urinary functions as well as quality of life for men suffering from a condition due to deficiency of the hormone. Testosterone is a steroid hormone involved in the regulation of sexual function, urinary health and metabolism as well as a number of other critical functions.  ...

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