Warning against Consumption of Medication containing Codeine

Apr 12, 2018 0

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has warned members of the public against consumption of medication containing codeine. According to Mr. Babatunde Irukera, Executive Secretary of CPC in a statement said even though codeine has not been declared as an illegal drug, it can be classified as a narcotic substance. “Codeine is an opiate and one of many belonging to the opioids family. It is largely used as a pain reliever and cough suppressant. As such, it is an active ingredient in some expectorants or cough syrups. Currently and in exercise of the regulatory authority of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), expectorants/cough syrups containing codeine may not be dispensed as non-prescriptive Over the Counter (OTC) medication”. As such, he said, it was illegal and a violation of law to attempt to purchase, as well as dispense any of such medication, except exclusively in accordance with prescription by a qualified and legitimate medical practitioner. ...

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Canned foods may harm your digestive system

Apr 11, 2018 0

Do you like canned foods such as corn, tuna, asparagus or chicken? If yes, then think twice before consuming it. A team of researchers have warned that the canned foods may contain zinc oxide that can damage your digestive system. The study showed that nanoparticles of zinc oxide present in the lining of certain canned goods, usually considered good for its antimicrobial properties and preventing staining of sulfur-producing foods, may negatively affect the way in which human digestive tract operates.  Gretchen Mahler, Associate Professor at the Binghamton University in the New York said,”We found that zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles at doses that are relevant to what you might normally eat in a meal or a day can change the way that your intestine absorbs nutrients or your intestinal cell gene and protein expression. ...

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 Exercise before pregnancy good for healthy motherhood

Apr 3, 2018 0

Expectant mothers who are more fit before pregnancy are at lower risk of developing gestational diabetes, a study suggests. Gestational diabetes is a condition in which women develop diabetes during the last half of pregnancy. Women with gestational diabetes are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes after giving birth. “Women should be very  careful during pregnancy with what they eat and the exercise they get. But the study shows women should engage in these healthy behaviours before they get pregnant as well,” said co-author Kara Whitaker, Assistant Professor from University of Iowa. For the study, ...

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 Stress during pregnancy may affect baby’s brain

Mar 28, 2018 0

Mothers-to-be please don’t take stress during pregnancy as it may harm your baby’s brain. A new study has found that stress during pregnancy is not good for the unborn child and remaining stress-free during this period helps the brain development of the baby. According to the study presented at a meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in Boston, Massachusetts, a mother’s stress during pregnancy changes neural connectivity in the brain of her unborn child. One of the researchers Moriah Thomason of Wayne State University in the US said,”We have demonstrated what has long been theorised, but not yet observed in a human, which is that the stress of a mother during her pregnancy is reflected in connectional properties of her child’s developing brain.” Research in newborns and older children to understand prenatal influences has been confounded by the postnatal environment, Thomason explained. But recent advancements in foetal imaging allowed the researchers to gain insight into a critical time period in brain development never previously accessible ...

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 Increased meat consumption may elevate liver disease risk

Mar 22, 2018 0

The health hazards of consuming processed meat and red meat are something we keep hearing every other day. Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that meat consumption is quite high the world over. Apart from being associated with diseases like cancer, harm to heart health and raising cholesterol and blood pressure levels, a new study has said linked a meat-rich diet to an increased risk of liver disease. ...

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Sleeping in rooms with even a little light can increase risk of depression: Study

Mar 12, 2018 0

Exposure to light at night, even at very low levels, has been linked to an increased risk of depression, according to a study published this month in the American Journal of Epidemiology.  In general, nighttime light has been shown to disrupt internal sleep/wake cycles, which is an ever-growing concern as more people are using their phones and tablets in bed, or leaving the TV on as they sleep.  But the new report goes further, measuring bedroom exposure to low levels of nighttime light using a portable light meter attached to the bed. ...

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Healthy diet may not prevent effects of high salt intake

Mar 7, 2018 0

A diet rich in fruits, whole grains and green leafy vegetables, might not balance out the risks caused by foods with higher salt content, researchers have warned. Previous studies considered a diet with adequate proportion of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body as well as effective in counteracting the effect of high salt on blood pressure. However, while these foods do tend to lower blood pressure, the new research suggests they do not counteract the adverse influence of salt intake. ...

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Child sex abuse in Turkey sparks debate on best prevention

Mar 5, 2018 0

A man suspected of raping a sleeping 4-year-old girl during a wedding in southern Turkey narrowly escaped a neighborhood lynching attempt, sparking a public outcry and calls for the government to prevent and more severely punish child sexual abuse. Among the heavier penalties the Turkish government is considering are life sentences, chemical castration and other “deterrents,” according to high-ranking officials. The attack reignited a national discourse about child abuse, with some public figures taking to social media to say “Children keep quiet, you shouldn’t” and others petitioning parliament to install the death penalty. But Turkey’s already hefty punishments have not put a dent in sex abuse and experts are urging more preventive measures. ...

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