Feb 23, 2018 0

Confusion reigned due to conflicting information from several government sources about the fate of students who were declared missing after the invasion of on Government Girls Science Technical college, Dapchi, Busari Local Government Area, Yobe State, North-East, Nigeria by Boko Haram. It is unclear whether the terrorists actually abducted any student or they scampered into the bush upon the attack from the Boko Haram in the community. Also confusing is the number of girls missing though a roll call after the incident shows 815 out of 926 students enrolled could be accounted for leaving a balance of 111 students unaccounted for. Another confusion is whether any of them had returned or been rescued; the Yobe Government as at Wednesday claimed that the military had rescued an unspecific number of girls but apologised on Thursday night for the wrong information.  As of now as per the Yobe State government, none has been rescued. ...

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Nigeria: Meningitis Kills Four in Niger

Feb 22, 2018 0

The Niger State Government has confirmed the death of four persons in the state from ‘C strain’ cerebrospinal meningitis. The state commissioner of health, Mustapha Jubril at a press statement on Wednesday said about 31 cases has so far been reported with nine laboratory tests confirmed including the four deaths. The deaths were recorded in Katcha local Government Area of the state. Mr. Jubril said disease surveillance and notification system under the state epidemiology unit also noted the rise of cases in some local government areas. He however said the “cases and deaths recorded” have so far remained “confined to two local government areas namely Magama and Katcha.” “Twelve samples have been taken of the 31 cases out of which nine have been confirmed positive for Serotype C, giving sample collection and positivity rates of 38.7 per cent and 75 per cent respectively,” he said. Mr. Jubril said in response to the outbreak, the State Ministry of Health has, “activated all outbreak response mechanisms.” “We are working closely with LGA... ...

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Doctors charged in West Virginia, Virginia pill mill case

Feb 21, 2018 0

Ten doctors have been charged with overprescribing pain pills from clinics in West Virginia and Virginia, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday. Two of those patients died. Most of the 69-count indictment charges the owners, managers and physicians associated with Hope Clinic with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and other controlled substances that weren’t for legitimate medical purposes from 2010 to 2015. Hope Clinic had offices in Beckley, Beaver, and Charleston, West Virginia, and Wytheville, Virginia. The indictment said the defendants allegedly laundered drug proceeds by paying bonuses to physicians and employees of a patient screening firm to encourage prescribing opioids. It said the owners knew customers were drug addicts, adding some customers were prescribed more than 2,000 prescription pills over a one-year period. “Home-grown drug dealers hidden behind the veil of a doctor’s lab coat, a medical degree and a prescription pad, are every bit as bad as the heroin dealers that flood into West Virginia,” U.S. Attorney Michael Stuart said at a news conference. “We’re not going to tolerate it.” One... ...

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Pakistan among the highest country with newborn mortality- UNICEF

Feb 20, 2018 0

The U.N. children’s agency has singled out Pakistan as the riskiest country for newborns, saying that out of every 1,000 children born in Pakistan, 46 die at birth. The report is part of UNICEF’s new campaign, launched on Tuesday, to raise awareness to bring down neonatal mortality rates. UNICEF says that after Pakistan, the Central African Republic is the next riskiest country for newborns, and Afghanistan is the third. The report says that “more than 80 percent of all newborn deaths are caused by three preventable and treatable conditions.” The three are premature births, complications such as lack of oxygen at birth and neonatal infections, including sepsis and pneumonia. It says as many as 3 million children could be saved each year with an investment in quality care at delivery. ...

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South Africa: Mandela Bay Listeriosis Outbreak Source Still Not Found

Feb 19, 2018 0

The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality has assured residents that everything possible was being done to address the outbreak of listeriosis in the metro, but the outbreak source has still not been identified. “We wish to assure all local residents and communities that the municipality is actively managing the Listeriosis outbreak in the city, in cooperation with all members of the Listeriosis Outbreak Response Team, which includes the provincial Departments of Health and Agriculture, as well as the municipality’s Environmental Health and Emergency Services divisions,” said spokesperson, Mthubanzi Mniki. Mniki said while the environmental health team was investigating all possible sources of the outbreak within the city, the contaminated source had not yet been identified. “The investigations undertaken are extensive and include the tracing of all listeriosis patients, testing their surroundings, and inspecting and testing bulk milk suppliers, food processing facilities and food distribution centres,” he said. “All samples taken, are tested by an accredited laboratory at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in Johannesburg. The inspections and tests will... ...

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Nigerian Medical Council Inducts 249 Foreign Trained Graduates

Feb 16, 2018 0

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria has inducted 249 foreign trained medical and dental graduates. A total of 686 medical and 10 dental candidates registered for the MDCN assessment examination, out of which 243 medical and six dental surgeons passed. This represents 35 percent success for the medical and 60 percent success for the dental, making the overall success rate 35.7 percent. About 437 foreign trained medical students who sat for the examination at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, UITH, failed when the result was released last year. The 437 students have since challenged the result at the Nigerian Senate and the law court, alleging that the process was manipulated against them. The MDCN assessment examination is a routine professional examination conducted to assess candidates trained outside Nigeria, who obtained medical or dental qualifications recognized by the individual medical regulatory body of such countries. Speaking at the induction ceremony in Abuja on Thursday, the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, expressed concern over the number of students that failed... ...

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Ketone drink may help diabetics manage blood sugar

Feb 15, 2018 0

Drinking a ketone supplement can lower blood sugar levels and could help manage diabetes, a study has found. Type 2 diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in the past few decades. These conditions are associated with high blood sugar, which can damage the vessels that supply blood to vital organs and can also increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Previous studies have shown that infusing ketones into the bloodstream can reduce blood sugar levels. The new study, published in the Journal of Physiology, has shown that a ketone ester supplement can also lower blood sugar levels. Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada and the University of Oxford in the UK have demonstrated that a single drink of ketone ester enables better control of blood sugar by reducing spikes in sugar levels. Twenty healthy individuals participated in the study and on two occasions consumed the ketone monoester supplement or a placebo after a 10-hour fast. Thirty minutes later they consumed a drink containing 75 grams... ...

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Pakistan gang ‘stole spinal fluid from women’

Feb 14, 2018 0

Pakistani police have arrested four people accused of stealing spinal fluid from women. The suspects told women they had to provide blood samples to qualify for financial assistance from the Punjab government, police told BBC Urdu. However, they extracted spinal fluid instead, and attempted to sell it on the black market, police added. The gang is thought to have stolen spinal fluid from over 12 women, including a teenager. The authorities became aware of the scheme after a man noticed that his 17-year-old daughter felt weak after the procedure. “It appears the gang has been active in the Hafizabad area for some time,” regional police officer Ashfaq Ahmed Khan told BBC Urdu’s Shahzad Malik. One member “went around posing as an employee of the District Headquarters Hospital, telling his victims they would need to provide blood samples in order to qualify for the Punjab government’s dowry fund”. “But instead of taking them to the hospital to obtain their ‘blood samples’, he would take them to the house of a female... ...

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