New ‘bladder microbiome’ discovery could change the way we treat UTIs

Jun 21, 2018 0

For the first time, Australian researchers have identified a collection of bacteria living in the female bladder that exists even in the absence of infection.  They’ve dubbed it the “bladder microbiome”. The findings paint the most comprehensive picture of the bladder ecosystem to date, and may provide new insights into the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections, said Samuel Forster, lead author of the study published in Nature. The idea that the human bladder (and therefore urine) is sterile is a pervasive medical myth. Scientists have known for a long time that the bladder can harbour bacteria, but it is usually in the case of infection. “Now, the research is showing bacteria associated with health in the female reproductive tract are also able to colonise the  without causing infection,” said Dr Forster, of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Dr Forster said the discovery of the “minimicrobiome” will help scientists better understand why some people are more susceptible to UTIs (especially recurring infections), and may provide new approaches to... ...

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 US quits ‘biased’ UN human rights council

Jun 20, 2018 0

US has pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling it a “cesspool of political bias”. Nikki Haley, the US envoy to the UN, said it was a “hypocritical” body that “makes a mockery of human rights” Formed in 2006, the Geneva-based council has faced criticism in the past for allowing member countries with questionable human rights records.  But activists said the US move could hurt efforts to monitor and address human rights abuses around the world. Announcing the decision to quit the council, Ms Haley described the council as a “hypocritical and self-serving organisation” that displayed “unending hostility towards Israel”. She was speaking alongside US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who denounced the council as “a protector of human rights abusers”. This is just the latest rejection of multilateralism by the Trump administration, and will likely unsettle those who look to the United States to protect and promote human rights around the. The United States has always had a conflicting relationship with the UN Human Rights Council.... ...

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Zamfara killings: 3,500 IDPs flee to Katsina

Jun 19, 2018 0

No fewer than 3,500 residents of Zamfara State have fled to neighbouring villages in Katsina State, following reported cases of killings and other atrocities by suspected armed bandits and cattle rustlers. The activities of the rustlers have rendered the persons internally displaced and currently seeking refuge in IDP camp in Dansabau village in Kankara local government area of the state. Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has since paid a visit on the displaced persons at the IDP camp where he pledged government’s assistance to them. ...

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Liberia: Senate Receives Free Health Services, Medical Care Act

Jun 18, 2018 0

An Act to establish a fund to finance the provision of free health services and medical care for the aged and disabled Liberian citizens has been submitted to the Senate for enactment into law. According to those who crafted the Act titled, “Law on Free Health Services and Medical Care for the Aged, and Disabled,” Senators Varney Sherman and Armah Zolu Jallah, a beneficiary of the law, “is a Liberian citizen who is above the age of 65 years, and has no employment or other sources of income to pay for his/her needed health services.” The disabled under the proposed Act, is a Liberian citizen who has physical disability that makes it impossible for him/her to earn an income, and who does not have any source of income to cater for his/her needed medical care. A disabled referenced in the Act, is a Liberian whose physical or medical impairment is such that he/she is not movable by himself/herself, and therefore, is not employable and does not have any source of... ...

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US child migrants: 2,000 separated from families in six weeks

Jun 16, 2018 0

Almost 2,000 migrant children were separated from their families at the US border over six weeks, officials say. Following a Trump administration crackdown on illegal border crossings from Mexico, adults are being detained, meaning the children with them are removed from their care. The issue is causing a growing political storm in the US. It means that those entering the US irregularly are criminally prosecuted, a change to a long-standing policy of charging most of those crossing for the first time with a misdemeanour offence. As the adults are being charged with a crime and detained, the children that travel with them are being separated and classed as unaccompanied minors. Figures from the US Department of Homeland Security show that 1,995 children were separated from 1,940 adults who are being held between 19 April and 31 May. No information was given on the age of the separated children. The children are passed into the care of the US Department of Health and Human Services. They are transferred to government detention... ...

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Australia sexual abuse: PM accepts landmark inquiry proposals

Jun 13, 2018 0

The Australian government has accepted almost all recommendations from a landmark inquiry into child sexual abuse as it prepares to deliver a national apology to victims. The five-year inquiry found tens of thousands of children had suffered abuse in Australian institutions. PM Malcolm Turnbull said that his government would act on 104 of 122 official recommendations. The remaining 18 had not been ruled out, he added. “The survivors have told their stories and we must honour them,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “Ensure that out of their suffering, out of that abuse, comes lasting reform so what they suffered – the wrongs that were inflicted on them – can never happen again.” The royal commission inquiry, which concluded in December, heard more than 8,000 testimonies about abuse in churches, schools and sports clubs. Its final report made more than 400 recommendations across government and other institutional sectors, including calling on the Catholic Church to change its rules on celibacy and confession. Of the 122 proposals directed at the federal government,... ...

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 Nigeria: U.S-Based Foundation to Build Dialysis Centres in Nigeria

Jun 12, 2018 0

A United States-based Nigerian foundation, Handover Heals Foundation, said it planned to establish state-of-the-art dialysis centres in Anambra and other states in Nigeria. According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, Ms Ukay Chima-Jorji, said at the foundation’s 2018 Award and Gala Night in New Jersey, that chronic kidney disease was assuming frightening epidemic proportions in Nigeria. According to the Nigerian Association of Nephrology, advanced kidney failure accounts for about 10 per cent of all medical admissions in Nigeria. Similarly, small scale community studies have shown that the prevalence of kidney failure ranges from 12 to 30 per cent in the adult population. Chima-Jorji said that the rising incidences and the deplorable state of renal care had not received the required attention and was not considered a priority area covered by the healthcare policy. She said it was troubling that majority of the chronic kidney disease patients were young people between the ages of 25 and 40 years – the most productive... ...

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Nigerian Conservation Foundation Celebrates World Environment Day  

Jun 11, 2018 0

In a bid to celebrate with the rest of the world, Nigerian Conservative Foundation marked the World Environment Day on 7th June 2018 with program geared towards the school children in converting the non-reusable plastic to art with the theme been “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The event took place at the Lekki Conservative Center, Lekki-Epe expressway, Lagos State with private organizations such as I read library, Primary SmartNigeria, Surest Safari among others; companies like FCMB, Mobil etc , United Nation Information Center, Ministry of Environment, Primary and SecondarySchools were all present. Chairman of Nigerian Conservative Foundation, Chief Ede Dafinone spoke that while in Zambia he saw herds of elephants and zebras and while afraid of them attacking him, he was shocked when a group of Chinese men took selfie with the animals. He further said these animals aren’t harmful unless threatened however a typical Nigerian has the mind set of killing these animals. Therefore it is essential to change our orientation toward these animals and show more appreciation as their survival is unprecedentedly important to human existence... ...

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