”Our core value is to deliver service with Respect, Compassion, Expertise and Pride”- Dr Sonaiya, MD, Total Health Trust

Apr 20, 2015 0

Dr. Ebun Sonaiya is a co-founding director of Total Health Trust, a Health Maintenance Organization HMO founded 1997.  He was also the Founding President of the Guild of Medical Directors as well as being a member of other professional bodies. He has been nominated as a member to various committees at both State and Federal Government Ministry of Health levels on specific matters relating to health care delivery and health insurance. Dr. Ebun was a member of the National Committee on the Introduction of National Health Insurance in 1988.  In an interview with him, he said that attending physicians have 100% professional liability for the patients. Excepts: 1.What is Total Health Trust HMO all about? Total Health Trust Limited was founded in 1997 and commenced operations in the year June 1998. It is a leading health maintenance organization in the emerging managed care sector of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. With about 250,000 members or subscribers (or about 8% of the estimated population of the organized private sector with medical... ...

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