Nigeria: UK Announces New Scholarships for Nigeria, 51 Other Countries

Apr 17, 2018 0

The United Kingdom has announced a new scholarship scheme for Nigerian students and other young people from The Commonwealth to study in low and middle-income countries. This was revealed by Prince Henry of Wales, popularly known as Prince Harry, while speaking at the opening session of the Commonwealth Youth Forum at the Queen Elizabeth II centre in London. The Prince, who is fifth in line to the Royal throne, said “60 per cent of the Commonwealth is under the age of 30 and at 1.4 billion strong,” adding that they have the capacity to change the world. Speaking in his new role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, the Prince said the scholarships were named after Queen Elizabeth II, and would be funded with the additional £5 million (N2.58 billion) provided by the UK government for the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, ...

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 Ketamine has ‘fast-acting benefits’ for depression

Apr 16, 2018 0

Ketamine has “shown promise” in the rapid treatment of major depression and suicidal thoughts, a US study says.  Ketamine has a reputation as a party drug but is licensed as an anaesthetic.  The study found use of the drug via a nasal spray led to “significant” improvements in depressive symptoms in the first 24 hours.  The Royal College of Psychiatrists said it was a “significant” study that brought the drug “a step closer to being prescribed on the NHS”. The report by researchers from Janssen Research and Development, a Johnson and Johnson company, and Yale School of Medicine, is the first study into ketamine as a treatment for depression that has been done by a drug company.  It is being published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. The trial looked at 68 people at imminent risk of suicide.  All patients were treated with a stay in hospital and anti-depressants.  In addition, half were given ketamine in the form of esketamine (part of the ketamine molecule) in a nasal spray and... ...

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Yoga classes in school may help kids fight stress, anxiety

Apr 15, 2018 0

Los Angeles: Participating in yoga and mindfulness activities at school helps relieve stress and anxiety in young children, improving their wellbeing and emotional health, a study has found. Researchers from Tulane University in the US worked with a public school to add mindfulness and yoga to the school’s existing empathy-based programming for students needing supplementary support. Third graders who were screened for symptoms of anxiety at the beginning of the school year were randomly assigned to two groups A control group of 32 students received care as usual, which included counselling and other activities led by a school social worker. The intervention group of 20 students participated in small group yoga/mindfulness activities for eight weeks using a Yoga Ed curriculum. Students attended the small group activities at the beginning of the school day. The sessions included breathing exercises, guided relaxation and several traditional yoga poses appropriate for children. The study, published in the journal Psychology Research and Behavior Management evaluated each group’s health related quality of life before and after... ...

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Trump lawyer Michael Cohen under criminal investigation

Apr 14, 2018 0

US President Donald Trump’s top lawyer is under criminal investigation, the US justice department has announced. Prosecutors say they are focusing on Michael Cohen’s business dealings rather than his work as a lawyer. Mr Cohen has been under investigation for months, the court filing says. The filing was in response to efforts by Mr Cohen’s own lawyer to stop prosecutors reviewing material seized from Mr Cohen’s office on Monday. Mr Cohen’s team argues that the papers are covered by the attorney-client privilege.  President Trump has condemned the office raid, calling it “disgraceful” and “an attack on our country”. Mr Cohen has come under increasing public scrutiny since he admitted to making a $130,000 (£92,000) payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, just days before the 2016 presidential election. Ms Daniels claims she had a sexual encounter with Mr Trump shortly after his wife Melania gave birth to their son and says she was paid to keep quiet about the affair. “Today the US Attorney’s Office... ...

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South Africa: Over 400 Newborn Babies Infected With Listeriosis – NICD

Apr 13, 2018 0

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) has reported that 412 of the 973 laboratory-confirmed listeriosis cases are babies less than 28 days old. Of these neonatal cases, 396 had early-onset listeriosis within six days of their birth. The NICD also noted that 37 more cases had been reported since the recall of meat products manufactured by Enterprise Foods on March 4, 2018. However, ...

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Jos Metropolis Gobbled Up by Refuse; Residents at Risk of Cholera Outbreak

Apr 12, 2018 0

Jos, the Plateau State capital, North central Nigeria resumed work last week after Easter only to be greeted by heaps of foul-smelling refuse all over the major streets with no refuse disposal vehicle insight to cart away the rubbish Residents around the refuse,which has become an eyesore, are complaining about the bad odor, saying if nothing is done urgently might lead to outbreak of cholera. Also in Lagos State, problem in the state’s waste management sector started when the government sacked the PSP operators from collecting residential waste and replaced them with Vision-scape, which is struggling with the waste collection task, causing refuse to pile up on streets and major roads in the city. The local waste collection operatives, commonly known as Private Sector Participants (PSPs) has denied reaching any resolution with both the Lagos State government and Vision-scape on the waste controversy in the state, contrary to widely circulating statements by the government’s waste management program, Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) and the waste collection company , Visionscape. ...

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 Africa: Yellow Fever- 1b people will be vaccinated in 26 High-Risk African Countries 

Apr 11, 2018 0

Abuja — The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that nearly one billion people will be vaccinated against yellow fever in 27 high-risk African countries by 2026. The WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, disclosed this yesterday in Abuja during a regional meeting with the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, Gavi – the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF and more than 50 health partners. Ghebreyesus said the commitment was part of the Eliminate Yellow fever Epidemics (EYE) in Africa strategy, which he launched. He said: “The world is facing an increased risk of Yellow fever outbreaks and Africa is particularly vulnerable. “With one injection we can protect a person for life against this dangerous pathogen. ...

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 Zimbabwe: Govt Launches Cervical Cancer Vaccination, Targets 800,000 Girls

Apr 10, 2018 0

The Government has launched a vaccination programme for cervical cancer meant to address high infections and related deaths among women in Zimbabwe. The incidence of cervical cancer in the country is reported to be 35 per 100,000 women compared to the global average of 15. Annually about 2,300 women are diagnosed with the cancer and almost 1,500 succumb to the condition which is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Health minister David Parirenyatwa said the national roll-out targets 800,000 girls aged between 9 and 14. “The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended vaccinating girls before they are sexually active (between 9 and 14 years) to protect them from getting HPV infection,” ...

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