Acupuncture may cure pre-dementia symptoms

 Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy of relieving stress or muscle pain by inserting needles at strategic point on your body. This complimentary medical practice promotes natural-healing process of the body and also manipulates flow of energy. A recent study highlights that the use of acupuncture alone can treat pre-dementia state, known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI).
And it may be particularly effective when combined with drug treatment, the Wuhan University findings indicated, although the researchers cautioned that further better quality research is needed.The researchers trawled Western and Chinese research databases for relevant trials comparing acupuncture and medical treatment that had been published up to July 2015.
Out of 10 trials, five that involved a total of 568 people and had been published in 2012 and 2013 were deemed suitable for inclusion in the study. Three directly compared acupuncture with nimodipine, while two evaluated acupuncture combined with nimodipine. number of participants in each study varied from 26 to 94, while acupuncture treatment was provided three to five times a week for 8 weeks in four trials, and for 3 months in one. Furthermore, a combination of acupuncture and nimodipine significantly improved mini mental state exam scores whencompared to nimodipine alone.

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