Heat-not-burn tobacco ‘is a health risk’

Dec 13, 2017 0

“Heat-not-burn” tobacco products are harmful to health even though they are safer than regular cigarettes, say UK experts.  The advisory panel to the government said the devices produce “a number of compounds of concern”, including some that can cause cancer.  Manufacturers say their products are aimed at smokers who want the “taste of tobacco with no smoke and less smell”. The panel was concerned that young non-smokers might start using the products. ...

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  Office tea-Those teabags are more germ-infested than a toilet seat-says study 

Dec 12, 2017 0

Do you think the toilets at your workplace are dirty? Think again. The teabags at your office are way dirtier and germ-infested. You heard that right! Scientists have discovered that office teabags can carry as many as 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. As per the researchers, the average bacterial reading of an office teabag was 3,785, in comparison to only 220 for a toilet seat. The study, conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene, analysed the bacterial readings of kitchen utensils and appliances. According to a report in the Independent, other pieces of kitchen equipment also stacked up highly in their findings, with bacterial readings averaging at 2,483 on kettle handles, 1,746 on the rim of a used mug and 1,592 on a fridge door handle. While we do ensure that our hands are washed after we use the washroom, we need to perhaps start doing the same after going to the office kitchen as well. ...

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Nigeria: NCAA – Bad Weather to Disrupt Flights

Dec 11, 2017 0

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has warned air travellers in Nigeria that flights would be disrupted due to harmattan haze, which has already led to flight cancellations and delays. The regulatory body said the warning was necessary because cancellation of flights by airlines due to unfavourable weather has led to altercations and sometimes violent protests by passengers. In the previous years, airlines staff had been hounded during the yuletide by passengers who were eager to get to their destinations to enjoy the holidays, so NCAA has urged travellers to recognise and respect airlines’ decision on flight cancelation and delays. “This advice is important due to the spate of delays and cancellations occasioned by inclement weather en route most of the nation’s airports. ...

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  Hormonal birth control linked to increased breast cancer risk, study says

Dec 10, 2017 0

Women using hormonal birth control methods — from the pill, to the ring and implants — appeared to have a 20 percent higher risk of breast cancer, according to a new study of 1.8 million women in Denmark.  The study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, included 1.8 million women over the course of nearly 11 years. Denmark has a nationwide registry, which enabled scientists to find data on the women.  The researchers addressed potential confounding factors that, on their own, could increase breast cancer risk such as smoking, family history, prior pregnancies, body-mass index and education, as a marker for socioeconomic status.  “I was hoping that I was able to recommend one product that was risk-free but could not recommend any product as risk-free,” study co-author Dr. Lina Mørch told ABC News today.  According to the study, a statistically significant increase in breast cancer risk was found in women who had used hormonal contraception for at least a year. And, the breast cancer risk seemed... ...

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 Lack of sleep may increase children risk of depression- says researcher 

Dec 9, 2017 0

With more and more youngsters complaining of sleep deprivation, researchers have warned parents that their sleep deprived teenager may be at an increased risk of developing mood disorders, especially depression. Led by Peter Franzen from the University of Pittsburgh in the US, the study showed that teenagers with sleep deprivation may indulge more in risk-taking behaviour and addictions. The reason for this is that chronic sleep deprivation reduces the proper functioning of putamen – an area of the brain that plays a role in goal-based movements and learning from rewards. Lack of proper sleep also leads to less activity in the brain’s reward system. For the research, presented in the 56th Annual Meeting of American college of Neuropsychopharmacology in California, the team studied the sleeping behaviour of participants aged between 11 to 15 years. The team divided the total participants in two groups and allowed one group to sleep for four hours while the rest completed 10 hours of sleep. While noting the MRI scans of the participants each time... ...

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Tanzania: Govt Loses Sh340bn in Fighting Epidemics

Dec 8, 2017 0

Tanzanian government loses at least Sh340 billion annually in treating diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid as a result of poor sanitation throughout the country. It has been revealed that, 60 out of each 100 patients, who attend daily to health facilities in the country are suffering from poor sanitation related diseases, according to Health, Community Development, Gender, Seniors and Children Ummy Mwal-imu. ...

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 Nigeria: Customs Impounds Smuggled Rice worth N1.6 Billion

Dec 7, 2017 0

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Federal Operations Unit (FOU), Zone A, Ikeja, Lagos, yesterday announced that it intercepted 22 truckloads of foreign parboiled rice with 64 units of vehicles smuggled into Nigeria from neighbouring countries. Customs Area Comptroller (CAC) of the Federal Operations Unit , Zone A, Muhammed Uba Garba, disclosed this while parading journalists around the sized items in its warehouses. ...

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Air pollution may cause permanent damage to your child’s brain: Unicef

Dec 6, 2017 0

A Unicef report states that toxic air severely affects children’s brain development and may cause a permanent damage to their brains. The report mentions that toxic air can also lead to anxiety disorder and may affect IQ level and memory pattern in kids. Severe air pollution can also lead to other neurological disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The findings come at a time when India, particularly in the north, is facing a serious crisis due to rising levels of pollution. ...

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