11. Drug Abuse Blamed for Rising Mental Disorders.

 During a mental health clinic organized by a non-governmental organization, Gede Foundation in Mpape, Abuja. A psychiatrist, Dr. Osuhor Dike,

said that the abuse of drugs especially among the youth is responsible for the rising cases of mental health challenges in Abuja suburbs, and that is why there is increased number of young people with mental health disorders. One in every 10 young person you see in the suburbs is abusing drug substances like codeine, marijuana, cough syrups, pain-killers, anti-depressants and other drugs which should not be bought over the counter,

“. During the evaluation at the community’s health centers, schizophrenics, epileptics’ people suffering from bi-polar disorder, depression and anxiety disorder were attended to by psychiatrists.

The Foundation’s media officer, Sunzika Thole, said that the aim of the mental health clinic was beyond providing drugs and care, “We want to inform these people that they can earn some form of livelihood, despite their state,”

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