Commemorating World Malaria Day in Liberia, students, teachers, health officials and Government officially paraded the streets in white T-shirt with inscription “Take cover to prevent Malaria; everywhere, every night, sleep under the net”.

The 8th commemoration program of the day was celebrated under the theme “invest in the future, defeat Malaria”.

Mr. Oliver Pratt, program Manager at the Malaria Program said he was delighted because World Malaria day signifies a great opportunity in the fight against Malaria where there are renewed commitments in fighting the sickness. He added that this year’s celebration coincides with the launch of the distribution of 2.8 million mosquito nets to the 15 counties in Liberia, “fortunately we have nets to be distributed, and we will be providing three nets per household targeting the entire population. I think we are on course and the aim is to provide preventive care to the entire household”.

“Malaria is spread by mosquito bite and the most effective way to prevent someone from getting malaria is to prevent the mosquitoes from biting you, the nets are being provided for the mosquitos to stop biting you; the nets have chemicals and insecticides that can repel and kill the mosquitoes,” Mr. Pratt said.

He continued: “We have two approaches in distributing the nets to the population routine net distribution service that is distribution to health facilities that is those who visit receive the net and pregnant woman who deliver at the facilities also receive the net and the logic is to provide protection for her and the newborn baby. One of our cardinal approaches and the second is the one we are doing now distribution of nets to households, this s a strategy that we intend to do once every three years,”

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