The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) has disclosed that the Government of Guinea has re-opened its border with Liberia along the Ganta corridor to facilitate trade and other cross-border activities between the two nations.

Acting BIN Commissioner Col. Peter Zayzay explained that although the Liberian side of the Ganta-Guinea border was reopened since February this year, the Guinean Government had kept its borders with Liberia closed.

Addressing the Ministry of Information regular Ebola press conference Tuesday, Zayzay, however, said several measures have been instituted by BIN to ensure that Liberia remains safe as Guinea is still reporting cases of the Ebola virus. He disclosed that BIN officers have recently been engaged with their Guinean counterparts along the border, providing technical expertise as well as replicating Ebola prevention training on the Guinean side of the border.

Due to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, borders between all Mano River Union countries were closed as part of measure to prevent further spread of the disease, especially between the hardest-hit nations of Liberia, Guinean and Sierra Leone. Although this measure proved effective in curtailing the spread of the virus, it hampered trade and economic activities, especially for Liberians living along the Guinean and Ivorian borders who are highly dependent upon merchandise from across the borders.

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