1. Mental abuse can cause loneliness
This can easily happen in schools where one student could be taunted by others or bullied may be because some other students consider him weak or ugly or of questionable parentage. The affected student will naturally withdraw into a shell of loneliness though a few do fight back, becoming very violent. Some are unable to take the abuse and end up committing suicide.

2. Avoid late evening exercises
Exercises increase blood pressure slightly and this may disturb your sleep if done close to bed time. To have quality sleep you should be done with exercise by 6 pm latest.
3. Peanut butter is a healthy bread spread
Peanut butter ((ground peanuts) is blended peanuts, could be done at home; no water is added. It contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. The fat is unsaturated fat, no cholesterol. It is very healthy for your heart and you are encouraged to use it as bread spread if you can get it.
4. Change of sleeping environment can affect your sleep 
A change in sleeping environment can affect quality of sleep negatively; for some people it is difficult to have quality sleep in a hotel room or when visiting friends or relations.
5. Poor sleep can reduce immunity; 
Sleep deprivation is associated with reduced ability to fight diseases, consequently those who are sleep deprived suffer from frequent colds and other upper respiratory tract infections. Those who have little sleep frequently have running nostrils.
6. A vaccine against Human Paillomavirus is now available
A vaccine against Human Paillomavirus is now available; all boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 12 years should be vaccinated. Three shots are given within a period of six months.
Those males who missed the vaccination can have it up till 21 years of age while the females up till 26 years of age.
Homosexual and bisexual men are advised to go for it up till 26 years of age. The same applies to all those who have reduced immunity.

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