A study report published in the United States of America has revealed that infertile men are at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, alcohol abuse and drug abuse than fertile men. The study which involved the review of medical records of 115,000 reproductive-aged men was carried out by the Stanford University medical school; the health conditions of the fertile men were compared with those of the infertile men and also vasectomized men.

The medical visits of all participants were followed after the fertility diagnosis for several years.

The analysis of the study suggests that infertile men are more prone to diseases such as diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases even after adjustment for obesity and life style than those who are fertile.


Also as expected, infertile men have less testosterone in their body than fertile men, a characteristic that has been linked to higher morbidity and mortality according to the team leader, Dr. Eisenberg.


The age of most of the participants was 30 years.

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