Kissing more dangerous than smoking, can cause cancer

through kissing
through kissing

According to a report published in Dail Mail online, kissing is now more dangerous than the deadly puff of smoke you inhale. locking lips can lead to the development of head and neck cancer.  Reportedly, an infection which goes by the name of Human papilloma virus (HPV) gets transmitted through kissing. Oral HPV can be passed on through oral sex and French kissing.

According to Daily Mail reports, those who are infected with HPV in the oropharynx have 250 times higher cancer risk than others. HPV is commonly associated with cervical cancers and it affects both male and female. As a matter of fact, there are more than 100 forms of the virus present, but only about eight containing the ‘high risk’ strains of HPV can cause cancers in the oropharynx, reports suggest.
Australian head and neck surgeon, Dr Mahiban Thomas said that recent studies suggested even engaging in ‘petting’ without sexual interaction could transfer HPV.

In what could ring an alarm bell for many, Dr Thomas revealed that the risk of contracting the deadly HPV virus increases with the number of French kissing partners you have had in a lifetime.

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