The Head of the Incident Management System at the Ministry of Health Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah says no findings have been established about how the 17-year-old school boy contracted the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) that led to his death in Margibi County, and leaving two other confirmed cases in ETU. Mr. Nyenswah said investigation is still on going in the county to determine where the boy contracted the disease from before it began to spread to others.

Mr. Nyenswah, who is also the Assistant Minister for Preventive Services at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, said Liberians should not panic, because the only two confirm cases in the entire country are currently in the ETU, while the 175 contacts who came across the victim in the same locality are under quarantine.

The Health Ministry official was speaking Thursday, July 2 at the regular press briefing at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) held in Monrovia. He noted that with the level of hard work being demonstrated by the Nenowein Community dwellers in containing the further spread of the virus, it is likely that the virus would not spread to other communities in that county.

“I am here to reassure and further relief the fear of Liberians that the Ebola cases you know about right now are not what you used to know about Ebola in 2014. The situation has been localized in a district called Mama Kaba, Nenowein Community in lower Margibi County and not the entire Margibi County,” said the Minister.

“The people in Nenowein community are highly cooperative to the president’s message that it was the people of Liberia that took charge of Ebola eradication in the country, in such away that,they have set up their own active case finder team in that community. They are highly cooperative and their engagement can be described as community precautionary observation,” he said.

“As far we are concerned for now, there is no Ebola case in Margibi County, and that the 175 contacts do not have Ebola right now.They are under 21 days quarantine , and following that 21 days, we will do what is being referred to as reclassification to distinguish who has high rate and who does not,” Min. Nyenswah stated.

He at the same time cautioned the public to remain vigilant in applying the preventive measures, which include the practice of safe and dignified burial, so that there would be no further transmission of the virus. He among other things disclosed that three thermometer cameras have been installed at the Roberts International Airport to detest the temperature of passengers coming in and going out.

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