Management of Loneliness

Management of Loneliness
Management of Loneliness
Lonely persons have no one to spend free time with or confide in or discuss important matters with.
Common causes include: Mental abuse, Inability to fit in, Heart break, Death, Divorce, Social media, Age (old age), Unstable marriage, Unstable close relationship, Lovelessness, Modernisation, Low-density neighbourhood. Of these, old age and low-density neighbourhood are the greatest culprits.
Every one of us feels lonely at one time or the other but the eventual outcome is how we deal with or how we manage it. If poorly managed and it persists it could lead to depression. Here are a few tips on how we can manage loneliness; you will notice that smoking and alcohol are not advised.
1. Identify cause of loneliness
It is proper to try and identify the cause of loneliness and deal with; it could just be movement to a new environment be it neighbourhood or new school resulting in loss of close contact with family members and friends. In that case you make new friends but you cannot replace family members, be on the phone with them regularly.
2. Social networking, Nurture others
You can nurture younger ones, in Nigeria there are always young relatives to stay with you for education or learn a trade. Communicate with your old friends regularly on the phone or face to face if possible. Chatting or emailing is not as effective.  Drive some distance if possible to meet old friends just for a drink or watch games together or play games.
Join a social club or a country club, golf club, lawn tennis club; in there you will make new friends.
3. Seek for intimate attachment
Love can be very soothing; seeking intimate attachment is advised if the cause of your loneliness is relationship disappointment/heart break. A blind date may help. There is always someone out there for you, seek for him or her.
4. Deepen your faith
If you are a religious person then deepen your faith; read your bible or Koran more because everything that can give solace is in the bible or Koran. Join societies in the church or mosque and participate actively in their activities, you will notice you will have less time for time to feel lonely. Besides the society members will provide quite some emotional support.
5. Devote more time to work
If you are a career person or a businessman, devote most of your time to your work, you will have little time left to feel lonely.
6. Volunteering
Go for volunteer work within your community; this could be through clubs, NGO, or religious societies. Helping others help to reduce the pangs of loneliness.
7. Make time for leisure
Make time for leisure; read novels, magazines, watch games, watch TV and go for a vacation. Just board a train or bus for rides for a few hours especially to the country side.
8. Work-out/join exercise class
Imbibe the culture of regular workouts; running, jogging, cycling if possible. Join an exercise club; exercising in a group is like group therapy. You can end up with new fabulous friends.
9. Adopt a pet
Adopt a pet, a dog or cat will do. Ensure vaccination against  rabies and be aware of the various diseases contractible from a pet.
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