9. Uganda women push to stop early pregnancy.

The Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), have launched a campaign aimed at sensitizing women on the dangers of early pregnancy and strengthening legislation to help address the matter, to curb the increasing rate of teenage pregnancies in the country,

saying that the rate at which young girls are getting pregnant is worrying yet the responsible men are shunning responsibility. Ms Monicah Amoding, the Kumi District Woman MP, noted that the rate of teenage pregnancy in the country is among the highest in the world. About 24 per cent of female teenagers are either pregnant or have given birth. Ms Babirye has said that teenage pregnancies are high because of shortage of sanitary pads by most girls which forces them to drop out of school and has warned men against abandoning their wives. The MPs handed over donations of assorted items, including foodstuff, three mattresses, soap and Shs500, 000.

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