The mysterious disease ravaging Ode- irele in Ondo State South West Nigeria has so far claimed 18 lives. The disease is said to kill within 24 hours of being contracted.

According to the state’s ministry of health and the WHO spokes man, the symptom of the disease include – sudden blurred vision, headache  loss of consciousness followed by death within 24 hour.

The state’s health commissioner, Dr. Adeyanju is currently in the location together with officials of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), WHO and Unicef to unravel the cause of the diseases.

Accordingly, blood and urine sample have been taken from victims for investigation including toxicological studies. According to the WHO spokesman, the disease could be due to poisoning by weed killers (herbicides) but this is yet to be confirmed. Tests done so far are negative for vival and bacterial infections. To do that, study of tissues of the dead may be necessary.

 Ode-Irele in Ondo State, Nigeria is peopled by farmers – cocoa and palm tree farmers.

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