Yobe Govt Establishes Polio Response Centers in Border Communities
Speaking at Tulo-Tulowa, one of the border villages in Yusufari local government area of Yobe state, The deputy governor of Yobe State,

Abubakar Aliyu, said that The Government of Yobe state has inaugurated what it called polio outbreak response centers in remote border communities of the state as a way of checking the influx of unimmunized children coming into the state , and  officiated during the setting up of the centres, which he said were to dot the open borders Nigeria shares with Niger Republic.
Mr. Aliyu said the Polio Response Centers are to be set up in Yusufari, Machina and Bade local government areas of the state, and  hoped the effort would strengthen the ongoing polio eradication campaign that was re-launched in the state recently after the recent outbreak of three cases of the polio in nearby Borno State, and “We are here to mount outbreak response centers at entry points of major towns in the state”, said the Deputy Governor, who also doubles as the chairman of the task force established to monitor the polio situation. “The polio outbreak eradication task force has also devised another strategy of combating any occurrence or outbreak of the diseases in this state.”

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