Folic acid reduces birth defects—Expert

Folic acid
Folic acid consumption in pregnancy

One of the drugs usually given to women during pregnancy to prevent anaemia has been found to prevent birth defects that affect the brain, the spinal cord and the spine. This is contained in a report of study by some British nutritional experts at the universities of Queen Mary, London, Oxford, New Castle, Southampton, Bristol, Leister and Public Health Offices of England and Wales.

The experts advised that pregnant women take about 400micrograms of Folic Acid daily in the first three months of pregnancy and even when considering a pregnancy. They also advised Government to fortify flour used in making bread with folic acid to ensure that every woman has enough folic acid level in the body.


The report was published in the Archives of disease in Childhood journal.


With this report every pregnant woman  is once again advised to register for ante-natal and to take her drugs religiously.


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