Peadiatrician advises mothers on the use of good diapers

Dr Ronke Akinola, peadiatrician and fellow of the European Society of Paediatricians has advised Nigerian mothers to use good diapers for their babies as it contributes to their growth. During the “momsknowbest” campaign held by Procter and Gamble, she also added that 70 per cent of growth of babies occurs during their sleep, ‘the intense period of release for kids is shortly after the beginning of deep sleep, wet babies do not sleep soundly especially those on napkin clothes or fake diapers.

She advised that mothers should use Pampers Drywell as it guarantees a dry night. Nigeria pampers is child friendly and has been designed to develop children and to prevent napkin rash since it has gone through rigorous process with the NAFDAC, Dr. Akinola said.

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