WHO to support Liberia in the area of mental health.

The World Health Organisation is committed to assisting the Liberian Government and stakeholders in the area of mental health ; this pledge was given during the celebration of this year’s World Mental Health by  the Regional Director, Dr. Moeti.

He was particular about the indignity suffered by Liberians who are afflicted by mental disorder; the world body is prepared to provide technical support in addressing the anomaly. He advised the Liberian government to start from the area of legislations that will restore the dignity of sufferers. As of today he went on, sufferers are subjected to being chained to trees or beds, locked in cages, starved, left unkempt and deprived of family support.
He advocated a legislation that will protect rights and the dignity of the mentally ill.

Liberia, like most African countries, suffers from dearth of trained personnel in the area of psychiatry but the various governments in African  can begin with improved creation of awareness, early diagnosis and adequate treatment of cases by establishing appropriate structures at all levels of governance

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