Zika virus infection ravages Brazil

Zika virus infection is currently raving Brazil, South America. It started in November 2015 when the country recorded 147 births of babies with microcephaly (small head), but this number has now increased to more than 3000.

Zika virus belongs to the Flavirus group; the same group to which the Dengue and Yellow viruses belong. It is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito which carries the virus from an infected person when it bites and then gives it to next person it bites.

Pregnant women and those planning pregnancy are most at risk as the virus infection could result in miscarriage or delivery of a child with microcephaly; a condition that can lead to underdevelopment and even death.

The countries affected today include the United States of America, Mexico, Central and South American countries including Brazil.

Women are advised to take note.

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