The Pharmaceutical Fund and Supply Agency (PFSA) is to transforming one of the two warehouses into bonded warehouses in order to speed up the time taken to clear medicine on delivery. PFSA has 11 warehouses across the country and is constructing additional warehouses to reach 17. This will raise the current capacity of the warehouses under PFSA from 46 cubic meters to 500 cubic meters with an investment of half a billion Br.

Two of these warehouses are in the compound of PFSA on Swaziland Street having areas of 5,000sqm and 10,000sqm. PFSA, which imports much of the country’s medical supplies and equipment for the government health organizations, had already dealt with the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE) and the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) in order to make that happen. “We will have the final decision made by next week and continue renovating the place,” said Wendwosen Ayele, deputy director general of the PFSA.

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