Nigeria: Govt to Mandate Genotype, HIV Tests for Intending Couples

Jun 19, 2017 0

The Sokoto State Government is to promulgate a law to make it compulsory for would-be couples to undergo genotype testing before marriage.The Commissioner of Health, Dr Balarabe Kakale, who disclosed this yesterday, said the law would also make it compulsory for such couples to undergo HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B tests. Also, grooms would be made to include long lasting insecticide treated nets in their bridal wares while the couples would be compelled to enroll for the state community contributory health scheme, he stated. Speaking at a 2017 World Sickle Awareness Day event, the commissioner said his ministry would sponsor a private bill to the state House of Assembly after it convened a high-powered seminar that would agree on the positions of the law, Islam and culture on the premarital testing, among others. ...

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Some recipe for a healthy relationship

Jun 17, 2017 0

A relationship is a loving and/or sexual friendship between two people of the opposite or same sex. Life is all about men and women, men want to please women while women want to do things that will attract men.  Health stable relationships help stabilize society, stability means emotional satisfaction to a large extent. It is the duty of both persons in the relationship though only one person may be on the driver’s sit. In about 99.9 percent of relationships the man is older, emotionally more mature (though debatable) and physically stronger but that is where it should end. ...

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Eight Things in a Man That Can Turn Women On.

May 6, 2017 0

Whether we agree or not, life is all about men and women, men want to please women while women want to do things that will attract men. Below are some things in men that can turn on women.   1.Ambition Women like men who are ambitious and pursue the ambition with a passion; they are turned off by men who are laid back, lazy and with no drive. That is why some women admire and even turned on by rebels, revolutionaries, and even armed robbers   2.Power Women are easily turned on by men in political positions, captains of industry, their bosses, and any other man in high position in society. That is why offices of political leaders and office holders, no matter the level are filled with women; both young and old, married and single.   ...

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Good family relationships linked to lower dementia risk

May 3, 2017 0

London: Having a reliable, approachable and understanding relationship with spouse or partner, children and other immediate family members may put older adults at reduced risk of developing dementia, says a study. Conversely, negative social support characterised by experiences of critical, unreliable and annoying behaviour from spouse or partner, children and other immediate family is linked with increased risk, according to the 10-year follow-up study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. “It is well known that having a rich network of close relationships, including being married and having adult children, is related to a reduced risk of cognitive decline and developing dementia,” said one of the study authors Mizanur Khondoker from University of East Anglia in England. “However, a relationship or social connect “However, a relationship or social connection that does not work well can be a source of intense interpersonal stress, which may have a negative impact on both physical and mental health of older adults. ...

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Some Common Causes of Stress in a Marriage

Apr 8, 2017 0

  Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, this union occurs at the family level (traditional), court level (legal) and off course at the religious level. I always joke that women tie their husbands with three strong ropes; so anyone who is contemplating divorce should think of the three ropes. Even when single, life is quite stressful not to talk of a situation where two people from two very different backgrounds now have to share the same flat/house. Below are some of the stressors (causes of stress) in a marriage:   ...

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Domestic violence: Theresa May to oversee new law

Feb 18, 2017 0

Theresa May will directly oversee the creation of new laws to deal with domestic abuse in England and Wales, the government has said. Downing Street said current legislation lacked clarity and it was “unacceptable” that some areas worked harder to tackle abuse than others. A new act would aim to address this inconsistency and make the law work better for victims. Mrs May said she attached a “personal importance” to the problem. “Domestic violence and abuse is a life shattering and absolutely abhorrent crime,” she said. ...

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