Brazil is vaccinating more than 20 million people against yellow fever to control a budding outbreak. The World Health Organization says that the campaign that began Thursday is the largest ever using reduced doses that provide short-term coverage but cover more people with the same amount of vaccine. Yellow fever is common in Brazil, but the country saw an unusually large outbreak last year, including in areas that don’t usually see cases. The Health Ministry says 130 cases have been confirmed and 53 people have died in the current outbreak.

Some 23.8 million people in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Bahia states will be vaccinated in coming weeks, most with fractional doses. The WHO says a one-fifth dose provides immunity for at least 12 months. New Delhi: Omega-3 fatty acids are and should be an important part of everyone’s daily diet since they are essential to overall health. Health experts have emphasised its importance from time to time and decades of research have been devoted to discovering the many health benefits of omega-3. A source of both plant and animals, like krill oil, fish oil, flaxseed, chia seeds, hemp, etc, foods rich in omega-3 have the ability to fight depression and anxiety, improve eye health, promote brain health, reduce risk of heart disease, fight inflammation, fight auto-immune diseases, prevent cancer, reduce asthma in children, improve bone and joint health, improve sleep, make your skin healthy, among many other benefits.


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